Finding your motivation

Wait, WAIT. Don’t panic. This isn’t going to be an instructional post about how to find your motivation. Because frankly, I couldn’t tell you. And I wouldn’t pretend that there is some magical ‘one size fits all’ solution for making exercise a part of your life, making it something that you just do and enjoy. […]

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Fitbit Surge Review

Introduction Last spring, I started to read about the work of Dr Phil Maffetone. Rather than go into too much detail about that here, I will save it for a future post, which promises to be punishingly tedious and will test the limits of your endurance far more effectively than any ultra marathon. But, in […]

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The art of doing fuck all

RIGHT then. I am rolling up my sleeves (figuratively). I am cracking my knuckles like Bruce Lee before he fights Chuck Norris. I am PREPARING. Preparing to smear some more verbal effluent directly into your eyeballs. It’s been a long time. Doubtless my regular readers have deserted me, and who could blame them? ME, and […]

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Freeletics love/hate

Freeletics: the ultimate love/hate relationship

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a partner that made us deliriously happy one minute and transformed us into a psychotic rage machine the next. (Well actually, I haven’t. Perhaps you haven’t either. But for the purposes of this latest 1000 word slice of Freeletics-related verbal effluent, let’s pretend that we both have.) Or […]

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Return of the Six Dollar Man

YES! I’M INJURED AGAIN! Before you put your fist through the screen out of sheer frustration at the fact this blog has essentially become an account of injuries, WAIT. Take a breath. Because I’m going to look to try and take a look at this from a different perspective than usual. (Admittedly, my usual perspective […]

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