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Ultramarathon madness, from Morocco to Warwickshire

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Until this year, I had pretty much assumed that completing a marathon was the ultimate achievement in running. I may have heard of longer races, but I wasn’t familiar with the word ‘ultramarathon’ and I certainly didn’t have any understanding of the potential distances involved. Once again, Chris McDougall’s ‘Born To Run’ was to be my introduction to what seems …

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“Excuse me, but what have you got on your feet?”

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It’s an unavoidable part of running: other runners. I take a firm and consistent line when I come across people out doing their thing: I am unfailingly polite, always offer a smile and, provided I am not gasping for air or choking on a fly, will try and squeeze out as cheerful a ‘hello’ as I can muster. The response …

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Origins of a barefoot runner. Hopefully.

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Hello! My name is Shaun, I’m a 37-year-old married father of two and, until recently, I was a grimly determined but barely competent runner. I’m still a barely competent runner, but at least I’m smiling! (It is a smile, I promise. I realise I often look like I’ve just been given some very bad news. That’s just my face.) In …