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Ultramarathon madness, from Morocco to Warwickshire

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Until this year, I had pretty much assumed that completing a marathon was the ultimate achievement in running. I may have heard of longer races, but I wasn’t familiar with the word ‘ultramarathon’ and I certainly didn’t have any understanding of the potential distances involved. Once again, Chris McDougall’s ‘Born To Run’ was to be my introduction to what seems …

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Better on the way down: Reach The Beach 2011

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As I get more into this running thing, the list of events I’m desperate to participate in seems to grow longer by the day. Here’s yet another one… Reach The Beach is the mother of all relay races: teams of 12 run 200 miles in around 24 hours. There are three races, all in the US: Massachusetts, New Hampshire and …

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The most astounding fact

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There’s no doubt in my mind that running, and particularly barefoot running has helped me feel a lot more connected with things. I’m not sure if that make a lot of sense, or if connected is even the right word to use. I’m very lucky to live in a pretty rural part of England, and from my house I can …

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Origins of a barefoot runner. Hopefully.

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Hello! My name is Shaun, I’m a 37-year-old married father of two and, until recently, I was a grimly determined but barely competent runner. I’m still a barely competent runner, but at least I’m smiling! (It is a smile, I promise. I realise I often look like I’ve just been given some very bad news. That’s just my face.) In …