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Freeletics week 7. And 8. Sorry about that.

There is nothing more pathetic, more worthless, more completely shite than somebody that writes a blog apologising for not having updated their blog. So, here we go. Sorry for not updating the blog. Actually, there is something more pathetic than the above. It’s when the blogger goes on to blame their lack of activity on […]

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Holiday fun

Summer holiday fun!

Well. Well, well, well. Are you well? It’s only right that I should ask, seeing as this is my first entry for a while. I’ve been here before with other blogs of course; doubtless you’re expecting the typically lame and predictable excuses for not having posted much this month. Balls to all that. I’ll tell […]

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I'm too old for this shit

“I’m getting too old for this shit…”

No, not running. And not scarcely believable police work with my maverick, damaged but fiercely loyal partner. I’m talking about late nights and, well, drinking quite a lot. This weekend was a ‘big weekend’. Some friends were getting married on Saturday, which means I was contractually obliged to be sociable for the whole weekend. That […]

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