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Injury update – it’s not good

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It’s now almost two weeks since I was last able to do a Freeletics workout, and to say I’m pissed off about it would be an understatement. It’s a difficult situation. Well, it isn’t. It’s a very simple situation. But it’s made difficult by my constant fretting that all my good work so far is slowly coming undone and by …

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Back from the wilderness

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Yes, I’m a bit like the blogging equivalent of that man in America who disappeared for 27 years. Except it hasn’t been 27 years. And I have barely committed any burglaries. No, I’m afraid that posting to this blog every couple of months was just wearing me out, so I decided to ease off a little bit. Not really. It’s …

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A brief tirade on the subject of snow

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Snow: love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit that it is precipitation in the form of flakes of crystalline water ice that fall from clouds. And we’ve had some of it over the last week, a fact you might just have gleaned if you’ve been within ten metres of a newspaper, television or weather-obsessed imbecile, of which there seem to be quite a lot these …

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Knackered leg provides pause for reflection

In Barefoot running, Injury problems, Life, Streak running, Ultramarathons by All This Running Around2 Comments

Hooray, I’m injured again! But rather than take my customary approach of bollocking on about it until my (two) regular readers have thrown themselves off a car park, I thought I’d post a few thoughts about where I am. Not where I actually am. I’m in my office looking at a spider. I mean where I am in terms of …

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Original Luna Sandals – a review

In Barefoot running, Born To Run, Injury problems, Luna sandals, Minimalist shoes, Review by All This Running Around1 Comment

Okay, so I’ve had my Lunas for a while now and clocked up a good few hundred miles on them. Time to give you my (largely worthless and entirely pointless) opinion on them. I’ve broken the review down into a few different parts, but to be honest I’ve no idea what I’m doing. Maybe you’ll find it useful. But more …

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ULTRArace.100 – Part Two, the final checkpoint

In Cotswold 100, Injury problems, Races, Running, Ultramarathons by All This Running Around7 Comments

Note: again, if you want to see some pictures of the event, use the following link: Look out for Kevin Doyle, the eventual winner. He’s number 16. I’m not a morning person. But that’s ok, because while 2.15am is technically the morning, it’s still very much the middle of the night. So when the alarm went off after me grabbing about …