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Fitbit Surge Review

Introduction Last spring, I started to read about the work of Dr Phil Maffetone. Rather than go into too much detail about that here, I will save it for a future post, which promises to be punishingly tedious and will test the limits of your endurance far more effectively than any ultra marathon. But, in […]

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Merrell Trail Gloves

Merrell Trail Glove ‘review’

I bought some Merrell Trail Gloves. For my feet. It turns out they can’t be used as gloves at all, and believe me I HAVE TRIED. I’ve put a few miles on them now, so it’s time to share the thoughts that have formed in my brain, by vomiting them onto my hands and forcing […]

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VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail review

Around September last year, I started looking around for a pair of minimalist shoes I could wear off road. As I’ve said about a million times, I massively prefer running through the fields and woods like some kind of stupid hippy, skipping along in the long grass with my legs being lacerated by thorns. It’s […]

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