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Freeletics life transformation: week two

Week two and I’m not dead. No real aches or pains to speak of, limbs apparently functioning in mostly the correct fashion. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? Well, nothing, it would appear. This isn’t normal. I’m determined to enjoy it while it lasts. I’ve been thinking a little bit about my Freeletics blogging, […]

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Freeletics life transformation: week one

I’m back. I’m bloody buggering back After what seems like an absolute age, I’m finally ready to start heaving, sweating and groaning my way to slightly above average fitness. My aim: to achieve the kind of physique and physical well being that you might have expected from Bruce Lee if he’d spent the last two […]

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Top 10 running tips

All This Running Around’s Top Ten* Running Tips** (*might not be ten) (**or tips)

Information. Information, information, information. It’s everywhere, and I do mean literally EVERYWHERE. You can even get ‘the world wide internet’ on your cordless telephone these days! Information. It’s incredible. But there is a downside. With all this ‘information’ (see above), how is it possible to discern what is useful and what is just a load […]

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Brixton 1947

New Guardian running blog and HORSE MEAT!

Earlier this week, The Guardian started a new running blog. We are promised plenty of regular articles covering different aspects of running, with something for everyone regardless of whether you’re a once-a-week park plodder or a lunatic ultra runner. So far, so good. The blog is to be headed up by Adharanand Finn, author of […]

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A nice place for a run

Picture the scene: it is yesterday at around 5.40pm, you’re in my house giving my children their dinner. (It should be quite easy to visualise: just think of that scene with the chimpanzees from Animal Magic with a slightly younger and less dead Johnny Morris.) I wanted to run, but couldn’t until my wife got […]

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