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Freeletics love/hate

Freeletics: the ultimate love/hate relationship

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a partner that made us deliriously happy one minute and transformed us into a psychotic rage machine the next. (Well actually, I haven’t. Perhaps you haven’t either. But for the purposes of this latest 1000 word slice of Freeletics-related verbal effluent, let’s pretend that we both have.) Or […]

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The Return


And, we’re back. Phew. Sorry about that. It took a bit longer than I’d thought it would. Anyway, welcome. I’ve sort of done the site myself a bit, and it isn’t finished. But I was so desperate to get it rolling again that I figured it’s better to just get it up, and I can […]

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Space Jam

I’m back and looking like shit

Yes, I know. I said there would be a redesign of the site. And if anything, what I’ve cobbled together here in about ten minutes looks worse than what was here before. But I just haven’t got the time to sit down and play with it (not that) at the moment. So you’re just going […]

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Mick Burt

Freeletics week 4: stepping it up (a bit)

It’s difficult to believe that I’ve been ‘back’ doing Freeletics for four weeks already, but I have. It was always my plan to try and ease myself back into things without going crazy, if indeed it’s possible to ‘ease yourself back into’ Freeletics. There’s very little that feels relaxed about doing Aphrodite first thing on […]

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