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How serious am I about Freeletics?

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Wotcher. You may be pleased to hear that this week’s post is not only a bit less vitriolic than last week’s, it is also shorter. So that’s a bit less of your life wasted reading this bollocks. You’re welcome. As I write this, sweating after an yet another no-starred Atlas (I am shaking my fist at the Straight Leg Lever …

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Freeletics Week 3, plus a word about burpee technique

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Hello! I’ve been neglecting you, haven’t I? Pull yourself together you ridiculous fool. If I was sitting next to you right now, I’d administer a firm clip round the ear. Actually, some of you have been doing Freeletics for ages and are doubtless much stronger than me. So perhaps not. Anyway, Week 3 yeah? YEAH? It’s AMAZING because I’m writing …

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Freeletics 15 week coach – week 5

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It’s 9am. I am awake. The sun is streaming in through an ineffectual Welsh curtain. I’m having trouble focusing on anything, which I put down to the fact that my eyes feel like they are actually pulsating. There is a fly buzzing around the room, the noise of which seems to make the pain in my head a thousand times …

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“I’m getting too old for this shit…”

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No, not running. And not scarcely believable police work with my maverick, damaged but fiercely loyal partner. I’m talking about late nights and, well, drinking quite a lot. This weekend was a ‘big weekend’. Some friends were getting married on Saturday, which means I was contractually obliged to be sociable for the whole weekend. That translates into two extremely late …