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Freeletics Nutrition Guide – thoughts of a pizza addict

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Hello you. Judging by the improbably high viewing figures for this place over the past couple of weeks, it would seem that being a miserable argumentative bastard is precisely what my audience is looking for. Well BAD LUCK, because this week I am full of joy and happiness. It’s seeping out of every pore and gushing forth from every orifice. …

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How serious am I about Freeletics?

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Wotcher. You may be pleased to hear that this week’s post is not only a bit less vitriolic than last week’s, it is also shorter. So that’s a bit less of your life wasted reading this bollocks. You’re welcome. As I write this, sweating after an yet another no-starred Atlas (I am shaking my fist at the Straight Leg Lever …

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The Freeletics Coach and my wife are taking the piss

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So, this was my triumphant return from injury. In my mind it was going to be like when Bob Champion came back from cancer to win the Grand National, but without a horse. (I mean me without a horse. He definitely had a horse. To the best of my knowledge, no jockey has ever won the National without a horse.) Needless …