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Freeletics: the ultimate love/hate relationship

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We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a partner that made us deliriously happy one minute and transformed us into a psychotic rage machine the next. (Well actually, I haven’t. Perhaps you haven’t either. But for the purposes of this latest 1000 word slice of Freeletics-related verbal effluent, let’s pretend that we both have.) Or perhaps you have sat up …

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Freeletics week 16: back to normal and a word about form

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So, a mere 10 months after I completed my first ever Freeletics workout, I finally finished my 15 weeks. Ha! Take THAT, useless flabby body. Except, er… Hello, useless flabby body. Shouldn’t you be somewhere else? Look, I’ll just come out and say it. If I was hoping to achieve a complete change in physique over 15 weeks a la …

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Hell week – again. And this time it’s serious

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19 workouts. 17 personal best times. 7156 points. 4 hours, 18 minutes and 39 seconds. I am, in a very real sense, knackered. I am also, unsurprisingly, extremely pleased to be writing this post after it’s all over. I’d suspected that the Coach might have something up it’s sleeve for week 15. What I didn’t suspect was that it would …