Welcome to All This Running Around, the ongoing and increasingly sporadic account of one man's quest not to keel over and die just yet.

Hi, I'm Shaun. Thanks for visiting this blog, probably the best* and most accurate** running blog currently in existence. You can read my previous posts if you want my life story, it's too tedious to summarise. Most of it's posted here. You can find it yourself, or not. I'm not really arsed.

Anyway, I'm doing an ultramarathon. The Heineken Race to the Tower, hence the picture of Broadway Tower up there. (There's also a 330ml can od Heineken in front of the tower, but you can't see it.) I daresay the coming weeks will see me writing about that in punishing detail. Hooray.

This website isn't really finished, but you can't complain about that, you're not my mum. Now I suggest you crack on with the latest post or I'll send a large Australian round who will squat on your chest until you suffocate. That's fair warning.

**I have no idea what I'm doing