Back from the wilderness

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Yes, I’m a bit like the blogging equivalent of that man in America who disappeared for 27 years. Except it hasn’t been 27 years. And I have barely committed any burglaries. No, I’m afraid that posting to this blog every couple of months was just wearing me out, so I decided to ease off a little bit. Not really. It’s the usual bullshit. I’ve started up a new business, which means a new website and therefore yet another new blog. Oh, and I’m having to actually do work. A strange concept, but an agreeable one in that I am no longer forced to forage for nuts and berries for┬ásustenance.

So, what’s new? My running has been going reasonably well, and it appears that marathon runners are now a legitimate target for fucking nutters with bombs. In the same week that saw three innocent people lose their lives in Boston, the US Senate couldn’t find it within themselves to approve a bill that would require more background checks when purchasing firearms. Not a ban. Not making the fucking things illegal to own. Just to actually make people give a few details about themselves when buying instruments of death. America: fucking mental.

The scenes in Boston were awful. I’m very aware of the arguments relating how the media (particularly the broadcast media) reports some events and not others. The point was made on Twitter several thousand times that many more people in the world, including children, lost their lives that same day thanks to American bombs. And yet you’d have been hard pressed to find a report about it. I get that. I understand. But it doesn’t make what happened in Boston in any way less awful. As human beings, I don’t think we are required to guage and express our emotions after first qualifying them against other events. I saw a bomb going off and people being killed and injured. Awful.

The London Marathon (or “VLM” to use the revolting, but commonplace corporate acronym) is going ahead on Sunday, as it should. But personally, I’d be having second thoughts. No doubt it will go off with any problems, but it’s certainly not a very nice mindset to have going into an event like that. Good luck to all participating.

My running’s been a little bit stop start over the past couple of months. I somehow hurt my ankle, not quite sure how it happened. Naturally I decided that the best thing I could do was run 13 miles as soon as the pain had abated. Shit for brains. My ankle swelled up to the approximate size of a small tangerine and I could barely walk for about three days. I rested for six days, tried again. Knackered it again. Rested again. Knackered. Rested. Knackered. Rest. Knack. Rest. Fine. Pull left calf.

But so what? I can’t complain. Aside from the odd little niggle, things are going well. I have committed to running The Wall next year. (Importantly, I’ve only committed to it in my mind at this stage; a vital tactic for anyone with a penchant for chickening out.) The event looks bloody amazing: 67 miles from the west coast of England to the east, following Hadrian’s Wall. It can either be done in one go as a bona fide ultra, or in two stages with camping and (I’d imagine) a few beers in between. Undecided at the moment, but erring towards the former. But let’s face it, it’s all about getting as many miles as possible into my legs between then and now.

I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Guardian’s running blog. They recently did a few posts about barefoot running. The posts themselves (one about footwear, one about technique) weren’t particularly enlightening. Probably more useful if it was all new to you, but still worth a read. The comments were predictable. I had a bit of a to-do with one particular gentleman who had told everyone to avoid Vibrams at all costs, on account of how he’d become injured while wearing some. The guy genuinely couldn’t see that it might not have been a problem inherent with the footwear, and that his form might have had something to do with it. Also plenty of recent converts queueing up to ask if anyone had ever heard of ‘Born To Run’. Can’t be too critical there, since I was one of those little over a year ago. But overall, while I suppose the Guardian having a running blog is a Very Good Thing, it all feels a bit half arsed. And the people commenting make me think that a fair percentage of British runners are dickheads. Or perhaps it’s just the ones that comment on blogs. (Apart from me, of course.) It’s one reason why I’ve never bothered trying to get into something like Fetch Everyone. I think it comes down to the fact that I just don’t care if you think barefoot running is silly. Or if you think that running in stacked trainers is silly. Or if you prefer cycling. Or if you went running on Hampstead Heath at the weekend. But that probably says more about my naturally unsociable tendencies than anything else.

Finally, a bit of news. One of my many new ventures is web design, and since I put this place together myself, it’s probably a given that I should give it a bit of a facelift. A nice facelift though. More Joan Collins than Jackie Stallone. So I’m going to do what I intended to do about a year ago – add more content and pages, some reviews and whatever else I can pull out of my mind. You can hardly wait. I sense it.