Better On The Way Down Part 2: Reach The Beach Relay Massachusetts 2012

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My friend Pieter has been at it again. A few weeks ago I posted his excellent video for the Reach The Beach Relay in New Hampshire, which he and his team took part in last year. (You can find the post here: Not only have they completed another RTB relay, but Pieter has produced another brilliant short film to go with it. The more I watch this, the more I want to do it. But I’m not sure if it would work in the UK. If you haven’t read about the event before, the teams cover 200 miles in 24 hours, taking in turns to run various distances, as well as driving, sleeping and eating. It sounds tough, but looks brilliant. So why wouldn’t it work in the UK? Too small, and far too built up. To get a 200 mile stretch in, I’d have to run straight down the M5 from Birmingham to Plymouth, which would be about as much fun as it sounds.

Anyway, who knows? Maybe I’ll get the chance to do it one day. Until then, hopefully the ‘Better On The Way Down’ team will carry on taking part and Pieter will carry on making these brilliant films. Enjoy.