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Original Luna Sandals – a review

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Okay, so I’ve had my Lunas for a while now and clocked up a good few hundred miles on them. Time to give you my (largely worthless and entirely pointless) opinion on them. I’ve broken the review down into a few different parts, but to be honest I’ve no idea what I’m doing. Maybe you’ll find it useful. But more …

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Barefoot or ‘barefoot’?

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I started this blog because I wanted to document not just my new found enthusiasm for running, but also my forays into trying the barefoot/minimalist way of doing it. Like a lot of people, I was totally enthused after reading ‘Born To Run’. It made me question my motivation for running, and opened my eyes to something that, despite having …

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Some advice for the aspiring barefoot runner

In Barefoot running, Born To Run, Injury problems, Life, Luna sandals by All This Running Around2 Comments

So, you’ve read Born To Run. You’ve looked at some Vibrams on the internet, or maybe some huaraches. You’ve been on Barefoot Ted’s blog. You’re desperate to give this whole barefoot thing a try. And you know what? You should definitely go for it. But before you do, a word of warning. Be careful what you read. When I started …