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Freeletics: the ultimate love/hate relationship

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We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a partner that made us deliriously happy one minute and transformed us into a psychotic rage machine the next. (Well actually, I haven’t. Perhaps you haven’t either. But for the purposes of this latest 1000 word slice of Freeletics-related verbal effluent, let’s pretend that we both have.) Or perhaps you have sat up …

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Return of the Six Dollar Man

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[quote]We can’t rebuild him. We don’t have the technology. Or the need, frankly. We can’t make him better than he was because despite it being 2015, cybernetics is still a largely underdeveloped field of science. And let’s be honest, look at the state of him. Anyone fancy a pint?[/quote] YES! I’M INJURED AGAIN! Before you put your fist through the …

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Your next Freeletics workout: Time vs Star

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Pull-ups. Straight leg levers. Froggers. What do they have in common? If you answered, “they were all invented by complete tossers”, you’d be absolutely right. But what they also have in common (at least for me) is that I can’t do them properly. As I’ve mentioned previously, I am about as flexible and limber as Jack Nicholson at the end …

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Freeletics Nutrition Guide – thoughts of a pizza addict

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Hello you. Judging by the improbably high viewing figures for this place over the past couple of weeks, it would seem that being a miserable argumentative bastard is precisely what my audience is looking for. Well BAD LUCK, because this week I am full of joy and happiness. It’s seeping out of every pore and gushing forth from every orifice. …

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10 characteristics that show you’ve become an insufferable prick

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Right, you’d better brace yourselves. Even by my usual standards, this is a pretty bilious post. There will be swearing, there will be complaining and there will be cynicism. None of which tie in particularly well to the Freeletics experience. Which, as you will see, is kind of the point. At this point, I have only a vague idea of …