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Return of the Six Dollar Man

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[quote]We can’t rebuild him. We don’t have the technology. Or the need, frankly. We can’t make him better than he was because despite it being 2015, cybernetics is still a largely underdeveloped field of science. And let’s be honest, look at the state of him. Anyone fancy a pint?[/quote] YES! I’M INJURED AGAIN! Before you put your fist through the …

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More crippling injury hilarity!

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hindsight noun understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed. “with hindsight, I should never have tried to star those fucking pull-ups” So here’s the thing. Coach had given me Hades for my first workout of the week. Hades, as you well know, has pull ups. Pull ups, as you also know, are really bloody …

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Freeletics dynamic warm up – essential or just a huge pain in the arse?

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That’s a hell of a post title, right there. I should be writing for Men’s Health or something. I’m wasted on this blog. WASTED. Anyway, I’m a bit out of sync with my witterings on here. I’m halfway through a week of damage-limitation workouts that I’ll post about on Monday, but I’ve been thinking about this subject a bit so …

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Freeletics: the return. Also, running again!

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Well, good day to you all. Mondays, eh? What a load of fucking shit. Well up yours, because actually I quite like Mondays. But then, I work from home and there is literally nothing to stop me from sitting on my stupid fat arse watching Kojack, followed by Magnum PI, followed by The Professionals. Living the dream. Anyway, I’m sure …

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Freeletics reboot in… fourteen days?

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Here I am again, with another wholly unsatisfactory post regarding injuries and old age. It’s been almost three weeks since my last post and in the meantime I’ve spent two weeks in France drinking pretty much all the wine I could force down my stupid fat neck. It was lovely, but not especially conducive to working out. (Not especially conducive …