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Some actual writing about running and a possible pause

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Now that you’ve had time to change your underwear following the relentless excitement of my holiday posts, I’ve absolutely no doubt whatsoever that you are desperate to know how I’m getting on with my running. Of course you are. Yes you bloody are, shut your face. After my break (and having run even more sporadically than usual), I really struggled. …

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Summer holiday fun!

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Well. Well, well, well. Are you well? It’s only right that I should ask, seeing as this is my first entry for a while. I’ve been here before with other blogs of course; doubtless you’re expecting the typically lame and predictable excuses for not having posted much this month. Balls to all that. I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing …

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Smoking: it’s bollocks

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I had my first cigarette when I was fifteen. I remember it well. It was a filtered menthol, and was given to me (after I asked for one) at the party of a mutual friend. I didn’t like the taste particularly, but certainly enjoyed the head rush that resulted from my body’s first intake of nicotine. I wouldn’t say I …

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Taking a break, climbing the walls…

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One of my two regular readers told me off a while ago for moaning on this blog. So I’ll try to keep this as upbeat as possible, which is not necessarily easy considering I am going to be bollocking on about top of foot pain again. Following my ‘false start’ post about the running streak, I actually surprised myself by …

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Some advice for the aspiring barefoot runner

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So, you’ve read Born To Run. You’ve looked at some Vibrams on the internet, or maybe some huaraches. You’ve been on Barefoot Ted’s blog. You’re desperate to give this whole barefoot thing a try. And you know what? You should definitely go for it. But before you do, a word of warning. Be careful what you read. When I started …

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“I’m getting too old for this shit…”

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No, not running. And not scarcely believable police work with my maverick, damaged but fiercely loyal partner. I’m talking about late nights and, well, drinking quite a lot. This weekend was a ‘big weekend’. Some friends were getting married on Saturday, which means I was contractually obliged to be sociable for the whole weekend. That translates into two extremely late …