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Some advice for the aspiring barefoot runner

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So, you’ve read Born To Run. You’ve looked at some Vibrams on the internet, or maybe some huaraches. You’ve been on Barefoot Ted’s blog. You’re desperate to give this whole barefoot thing a try. And you know what? You should definitely go for it. But before you do, a word of warning. Be careful what you read. When I started …

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Counting down to my first barefoot race – or not?

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Two weeks. Just over two weeks until I’m running thirteen miles around the Warwickshire countryside. To be honest, just writing that sentence feels a bit lame after talking about ultramarathons recently, but there we are. We’ve all got to start somewhere. It’ll be my fourth half marathon, but crucially I’m hoping that it will be the first time I get …

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“Excuse me, but what have you got on your feet?”

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It’s an unavoidable part of running: other runners. I take a firm and consistent line when I come across people out doing their thing: I am unfailingly polite, always offer a smile and, provided I am not gasping for air or choking on a fly, will try and squeeze out as cheerful a ‘hello’ as I can muster. The response …