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Freeletics 15 week coach – week 7: HELL WEEK

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Before I’d even started Freeletics, I’d read about hell week. I’d assumed it was going to be, well, hell. But is it? It’s definitely hard. Seriously hard. Hard to the point where I questioned whether it would be acceptable for me to give up and try again. But the massive problem with that is that once you’ve given up one time, …

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Freeletics 15 week coach – week 4

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Week 4! My goodness me. How time literally flies, like an aeroplane or a bluebottle. Obviously I am writing this many years in the future, but will be doing my usual trick of fiddling the date information so that it looks like I’m a proper writer capable of writing things to a schedule. I don’t know what my problem is, …

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Freeletics – the end of the beginning

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So, that’s it then. Or rather, it isn’t. Yesterday I completed the initial free period of Freeletics workouts. In just three weeks, I have gained a perfect physique. I am essentially Bruce Lee, only taller and less dead. Piece of piss. LIES. But I have at least managed to make it to the end of the free period of Freeletics …

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All This Running Around presents: the ten best running scenes ever filmed

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I thought  of this the other day while I was watching ‘Rocky II’ on television. The final training run is something of a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s unashamedly cheesy, but Stallone just about gets away with it. Compared with the final run on the beach with Apollo in III, it is practically an exercise in filmic restraint. I don’t …

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As you’re probably aware, Adam Yauch, aka MCA of the Beastie Boys has died aged 47. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and succumbed to the disease yesterday. It’s nothing to do with running, but I just wanted to briefly write something about him because the Beasties have been a big part of my musical life for a long …