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Knackered leg provides pause for reflection

In Barefoot running, Injury problems, Life, Streak running, Ultramarathons by All This Running Around2 Comments

Hooray, I’m injured again! But rather than take my customary approach of bollocking on about it until my (two) regular readers have thrown themselves off a car park, I thought I’d post a few thoughts about where I am. Not where I actually am. I’m in my office looking at a spider. I mean where I am in terms of …

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Some actual writing about running and a possible pause

In Barefoot running, Life, Luna sandals, Running, Streak running by All This Running Around1 Comment

Now that you’ve had time to change your underwear following the relentless excitement of my holiday posts, I’ve absolutely no doubt whatsoever that you are desperate to know how I’m getting on with my running. Of course you are. Yes you bloody are, shut your face. After my break (and having run even more sporadically than usual), I really struggled. …

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Barefoot running streak – false start?

In Barefoot running, Luna sandals, Running, Streak running by All This Running Around5 Comments

On Tuesday 15th May I wrote a post about running streaks, and that I was thinking about starting one. On Wednesday 16th May, I did just that. It might seem a little bit pointless to write about a running streak that has barely even got started, but already it’s been an interesting experience, frustrating and enjoyable in pretty much equal …

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I am considering a (running) streak

In Barefoot running, Streak running by All This Running Around1 Comment

Yes, yes, ‘streak’. Stop sniggering at the back, you know perfectly well what I am referring to. I am of course talking about ‘streak running’, that is, running every day. Streaking of the kind you occasionally see at major sporting events does not particularly appeal, since I have yet to see any man do it in such a way that …