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Freeletics 15 week coach – week 6

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Week 6 already. Where does the time go? Nowhere, idiot. Time is a relative construct that cannot truly be separated from space. What are you, thick or something? But anyway, the point I’m making is that it seems like hardly any time since I first heard of Freeletics, and here I am already approaching the halfway point of my 15 week coach. Blimey. As usual, I’m writing this a little while after week 6, and my intention is to bang out a post for week 7 quite quickly, after which I want to talk about some general thoughts from the perspective of being halfway in. But first things first, here’s how week 6 stacked up for me.

Workout 1: Hades

Workout 2: Leg lever max & sit up max

Workout 3: Poseidon & burpee max

Workout 4: Apollon

Workout 5: Bloody buggering bastard Apollon again

Straight away I was kind of dreading those two Apollon workouts. But before we get to there…

Hades: 27:08 (PB, no star). It was starting to feel like I’d never get a star on any workout that includes pull ups. I have improved a little bit, but still nowhere near the standard required. But I have to look on the bright side, this time was over four minutes faster than my first time for Hades, and that’s mainly because I’ve become much better at burpees.

Leg lever max: 91 (PB, no star). Again, I can’t ‘star’ myself on this workout simply because I’m not flexible enough to keep my legs completely straight at all points during the reps. Sit up max was better, 115 (PB and star). Sit ups are getting better.

Poseidon: 7:51. FUCKING PULL UPS! Concentrated on doing the correct version of the push ups and managed it, just. Burpee max: 53 (PB with star). Beat my previous PB by… one. And here I have a confession to make. I slacked off in the last minute. I gave in to my mind, which was being a useless arsehole and telling me to give up. Well, I didn’t quite give up, but I didn’t give it everything either. I was lucky to hit 53.


Please… No more…

Okay. Fuck it. Got to do this.

I’ve done this workout a few times now, and there’s no doubt that the six 400m runs are what’s killing me, both in terms of slow times and actually almost killing me. I’ve done quite a bit of running over the last few years, so I can judge my pace pretty well without looking at a Garmin. By the third and fourth 400m runs, I reckon I’m at 8m/mile pace. That’s not running, that’s jogging. By the last one, I’m not even jogging. I look like somebody that has been wandering around a desert for a week and has spotted an oasis on the horizon.

Anyway, first time out was 34.00 (PB, star) and second time was marginally quicker: 33:19 (PB, star). Could I have done either one any quicker? If I’m honest, yes. The burpees were okay and I can grind out those deep squats. But the runs, man… Those runs…

So that was week six. It was tough. At this point I suppose it would be stupid to expect anything other than tough. I wasn’t all that happy with my performance over the week, but there we go. Another week done. Onto the next one.

Song for the week is… well, believe it or not, it’s this. I had the iPad set randomly to Depeche Mode. I actually laughed when it came on, which is quite something as I was grunting pretty loudly as well.