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Hello! Happy new year and all that bollocks. This is just a very quick post because it’s the last days of the holidays and my children are shouting at me to play some kind of terrible board game. You’ve probably gleaned the basics from the post title. If not, you might be drunk or suffering some kind of brain injury. Better get that looked at.

Anyway, I’d been waiting for the moment when I renewed my Freeletics Coach, and the start of 2015 seemed like an obvious time to do it. But I was holding off in the hope that they might offer some kind of discount. Now I’m NEVER right about stuff like this. Ever. But, er, I was. Because yesterday I got an email offering a huge 30% discount on their normal rates for the coach. Now given that I’d already decided to subscribe for the full 12 months (as it’s by far the most cost effective plan), this extra discount meant that I paid… Wait for it…

€55.99. Which equates to about £44. That’s FORTY-FOUR QUID. FOR A WHOLE YEAR. EIGHTY-FIVE PENCE A WEEK. It is, in short, a bloody good deal.

So I’m back on the horse. I had to do three Max routines today (push up, squat and sit up) in order to set my workouts for the first few weeks. Tomorrow I’m straight back into it with back to back Metis routines. And I can’t bloody wait.

You will probably notice that I have not, as promised, taken down the site and redesigned it. I will, but to be honest I just couldn’t be bothered to do it over Christmas. But it’s coming. Now I’m back into ‘proper’ Freeletics, there’s probably a little bit more impetus for me.

Anyway, that’s it, short and sweet. To get your Freeletics Coach discount, just go to and use the discount code NOEXCUSES. How very apt. It expires at the end of January, so pull your bloody finger out.

See you soon!