Freeletics dynamic warm up – essential or just a huge pain in the arse?

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That’s a hell of a post title, right there. I should be writing for Men’s Health or something. I’m wasted on this blog. WASTED.

Anyway, I’m a bit out of sync with my witterings on here. I’m halfway through a week of damage-limitation workouts that I’ll post about on Monday, but I’ve been thinking about this subject a bit so I thought I’d vomit some thoughts into your eyes while the mood takes me. It was prompted by one of the commenters here, a fine, upstanding gentleman by the name of Ben. Pillar of the community (probably), kind to children to and animals (I daresay), does a lot of charity work (bought The Big Issue once in 1998).

Anyway, Ben was unfortunate enough to injure himself recently, resulting in a layoff from Freeletics. And to LITERALLY add insult to injury, it happened during his warm up.

Now here’s the thing. I know I should warm up. But I don’t. I never have. Back when I used to play rugby, the warm up basically consisted of waving your arms about a bit and putting a bit of Vaseline on your knees. But it’s funny what the passing of a couple of decades can do to your body. Last summer, just when I was starting to really get into Freeletics, I hurt myself by straining a muscle in my chest. Although I can’t be 100% certain, I’m pretty sure that my complete absence of warm up was a contributory factor. So after I got myself better and started Freeletics again, I began to incorporate the warm up into my regular routine. Right? Er… No.

Here’s what the Freeletics team has to say about their Dynamic Warm Up:

The most important in advance: A warm-up prevents injuries. Quite similar to a cold start potentially causing severe damage to your car, a cold start into your workout can harm your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Sudden, unexpected movements cause strong tension inside concerned body parts. Pulled muscles and muscle ruptures can occur – which ultimately leads to involuntary training breaks. So just do not let it come to that in the first place and take your warm-up as serious as your workout.

You can (and probably should) read the whole thing here:

So what exactly is my bloody problem with warming up? Part of it is time. One of the things that really attracted me to Freeletics was being able to complete workouts in a relatively short period. I’ll be honest, I’ve never even attempted the Freeletics Dynamic Warm Up so I don’t know how long it takes. But… I don’t know… It’s got to add another ten minutes at least, right?

So, given that I don’t actually know how much time it adds on, what is the real reason? Is it indicative of how seriously I am (or am not) taking Freeletics? Have I just conditioned myself to the notion that somehow I don’t need to warm up?

Listen, I haven’t got a bloody clue to be honest. But I’ve posted this because I want to find out what you lot do and, if necessary, call me a bloody idiot for not using the warm up as part of my routine.

Hit me with it: is warming up essential or just a huge pain in the arse?

PS. Hope you’re back’s feeling better Ben!