Freeletics life transformation: week two

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Week two and I’m not dead. No real aches or pains to speak of, limbs apparently functioning in mostly the correct fashion. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? Well, nothing, it would appear. This isn’t normal. I’m determined to enjoy it while it lasts.

I’ve been thinking a little bit about my Freeletics blogging, and what to do in the future. Basically, I’m not sure if just recounting what workouts I did the previous week is interesting enough to sustain, well, interest. I think in future I’m going to try and write some articles about specific parts of Freeletics, and also my general experiences with the workouts. Also, I might occasionally want to write about some information I’ve had from the Freeletics team themselves. For example, I had an interesting email recently about training (or rather, not training) when suffering from a cold or other illness. An email that I wish I’d read several weeks ago, but there we are.

BUT… I don’t want to neglect my habit of putting my workouts and runs up here as well, because it’s one of the things that helps to keep me going. I’ve finally, after about three or four years, got into the habit of updating the blog every week. So it’s a great motivating factor to get up and do a workout or go for a run, because I need to have something to talk about! I think what I’m envisaging is perhaps some shorter, regular posts about my exercise week, interspersed with longer posts about general stuff. I’d be really glad of any feedback, so if you have any opinions, please share them under the article. Maybe you think I should keep it the same as it is? It would be great if you could let me know.

Anyway, let me tell you about my second proper week back at Freeletics. After week one’s somewhat pathetic workload (in terms of workouts), I wanted to move it up a gear in week two. I decided to give myself one day off, with the plan being to do three workouts and three runs. Here’s what happened:

Monday: run, 3.07 miles at 8:15/mile pace

Tuesday: Artemis, 30 minutes exactly, no star but getting closer with those pull-ups!

Wednesday: run, 6.79 miles at 8:48/mile pace

Thursday: Dione, 43:15 with star

Friday: run, 3.11 miles at 8:11/mile pace

Saturday: Posedion, 6:39 no star and Metis, 6:35 with star

It was a pretty good week, all things considered. Artemis was a real shock to the system but I enjoyed. Maybe not the last 50 burpees. Definitely not the last 50 burpees. Dione was a big disappointment. I don’t really know what happened, but I was just so tired. It took me over five minutes longer than my PB, which is 38:01. I guess everyone has good days and bad days, but it was decidedly mixed feelings for me when I’d finished. I was glad it was over but couldn’t believe how long it had taken me. What made it worse was that I knew after the first round that it was going to be slow. That’s one thing I don’t like about using the iPad or iPhone to enter your workout while you’re actually doing it. It’s fine if you’re able to push hard and you’re somewhere close to your best, but I find it a real kick in the balls if you’re having an off day. With that in mind, I’ve pretty much stopped entering my times into the app now. Also, because my subscription finished, I can’t actually see all the workouts anymore. So if, for example, I do Artemis, there’s no way for me to enter my time. Which is annoying, and leads me on to a question that I hope someone might be able to help me with.

When I first downloaded the Freeletics app, there were two versions available, a free one and a paid ‘Pro’ version which I think was £2.99. I got the free one, because I knew I was going to get the Coach with all the workouts. As I understood it, the ‘Pro’ app had all the workouts, but did not provide any structure or schedules – that was for the Coach. Now… Stay with me here… When my Coach subscription expired, I thought I could just go and buy the ‘Pro’ app and carry on. But I can’t find it anywhere! So, did they remove it from iTunes? Does anyone out there have the ‘Pro’ app with all the workouts but no Coach? Any answers gratefully received!

Okay, back to my week. Poseidon and Metis went pretty well, I must say I really do enjoy the shorter, more intense workouts. Not a great deal to say about my runs in terms of training. I’m not trying to break any records, just enjoy myself. And although the weather has finally turned bad here in England, last week was another glorious time for running. Thirteen miles for the week isn’t exactly a lot, but it’s about ticking over and keeping active.

Right then you lovely buggers, that’s your lot for another week. Do please let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, or you’ve got anything at all to say about this place. I really appreciate the fact that there are people from all over the world reading this stuff, and it’s great to hear from you as well.

One other point before I go: I’m going to redesign the site soon as well. I’m keeping it simple, the important thing is the content and I’m not a fan of massively elaborate blogs. But I haven’t touched the layout since I started it, so it’s time to freshen things up. Might not happen for a few weeks, but it’s on the agenda.

Music choice this week is the EXCELLENT new album from Caribou, Our Love. I’m listening to this on just about every workout right now, it’s bloody marvellous. Buy it. NOW! Here’s the title track, with a beautiful (and rather poignant) video. Take five minutes to watch it, it’s great.