Freeletics: the return. Also, running again!

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Well, good day to you all. Mondays, eh? What a load of fucking shit. Well up yours, because actually I quite like Mondays. But then, I work from home and there is literally nothing to stop me from sitting on my stupid fat arse watching Kojack, followed by Magnum PI, followed by The Professionals. Living the dream.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all DESPERATE to hear of my continuing injury saga. I bet you’ve barely been able to sleep at night. I can just picture you in bed, tossing and turning, perhaps you’re even a bit sweaty and anxious. I imagine you are. Let me put your mind at rest: I’m a bit better. As usual, I can’t be bothered to go back and remind myself what I wrote in my last blog post, so apologies if I end up repeating myself here slightly. In a nutshell, I’ve no finished the anti-inflammatories that I was given, with mixed results. The pain in my chest has gone completely, which is bloody GREAT because that’ what actually stopped me from doing Freeletics in the first place. The pain in my side, meanwhile, is proving to be a little bit more persistent. It’s definitely manageable, and unlike previously it’s not affecting my sleep at all. But it’s still there.

I had a blood test and the results came back fine. (Fine for what, I couldn’t tell you. They were decidedly cagey about specifying exactly what it was I was being tested for, which obviously led to me concluding that I was GOING TO DIE. But I didn’t, and still haven’t. So that’s good.)

I’m in a bit of a quandary regarding Freeletics. I want to start again, but I think I need more flexibility that the coach provides. I really, really don’t want to break down with another full blown injury, so at the moment I’m just mulling it all over. In the meantime, I’ve been running again properly. And like the big stupid hippie knob end that I am, I have been rather enjoying it. I really didn’t realise how much I’d been missing it until I hit that groove again, and quickly found that I wanted to be out every day. As ever, there’s a HUGE temptation to overdo it, which amazingly I have managed to resist. So it’s been five miles here and there, and here’s the thing… I’VE BEEN DOING IT WITHOUT THE GARMIN.

That’s right, it’s back to ‘run free’ mode, like some kind of Born To Run evangelist that needs a bloody good kick in the bollocks. And it’s been great. The weather has been fine for weeks, so all the trails are dry. Plus we’re at that lovely time of year when autumn is just starting to kick in. All in all, it’s been a bit special. I am literally skipping through the woods like a fairy saying ‘hullo trees, hullo squirrel, hullo JESUS THAT’S A FUCKING BULL’. Not worrying about times, not even really worrying about form. (After nearly four years, have I finally got to grips with barefoot running?) Wonderful. Yes, you may vomit.

So what about Freeletics? I’m getting back to it, it’s just a question of when to start. Ideally I’d like the pain in my side to have gone completely, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Which probably means another trip back to see the doctor and an ultrasound. The way I look at it, I’ve got two options.

Option 1: repeat the 15 week coach exactly as it was given to me. Pros and cons to this. I will get the same structure, but it will mean starting again. And judging by my running, my fitness is pretty good despite an overall lack of activity over the past month.

Option 2: Create and follow my own schedule. This is going to give me more flexibility, but at the same time there is the potential for me to let things slide if I’m not being told what to do.

I’m erring towards option 2, simply because I’m wary of doing myself in again. There are a few things I’m keen to avoid, particularly abdominal workouts since that’s where I’ve got the issue. So I think that’s the plan then.

For the purposes of the blog (and for my own development), I’m going to log everything here as before, although this time I’m also going to include details of my runs. I haven’t even looked at the Freeletics app for a while (too depressing), but I understand that runs have been incorporated into it as well now. I’ll be interested to have a look, but I’m pretty happy with what I’m doing under my own steam .

I’m also going to try and be a little bit more scientific about my diet. I say ‘scientific’, what I basically mean is ‘not stuffing my face with shit’. And I’m going to keep track of and log my weight in the posts as well, so you can get a better idea of progress. I’ll put some pictures up as well in due course.

So that’s it then. I’m starting next week, whether there’s a pain in my side or not. I hope you’ll follow my progress, and maybe hurl the occasional bit of abuse at me from time to time.