Freeletics limitations

Freeletics training with limitations

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Probably the most important thing that happened anywhere on earth last week was that I hurt my toe. Not just any old toe. My BIG toe. I’m sure you’re all up to speed with the story. It was in all the papers and ran for four or five days on tv news. I don’t think I’m overstating things to say that it was an event that really shook the world. I was limping about even more than usual, and it was pretty clear that I wasn’t going to be able to run. Jumps and burpees were probably best avoided as well. But I really didn’t want to take another week completely, so I thought I’d try and and start my new week (week 14, if you’re interested) with a workout limitation.

Unsurprisingly, they don’t have a specific limitation setting for ‘toe knack’, so the closest I could get to it was ‘lower leg’. Apparently you can choose up to two limitations, but they do advise that if you feel you’ve got any more than that, then you should probably be looking at having a break until you’re better.

If I was an actual proper blogger and some bloody idiot with a computer, I would at this point list all six limitations.  But unfortunately, I failed to make a note of them when I was entering the information. Pretty sure there were settings for ‘upper leg’ and ‘back’, but beyond that I couldn’t tell you. Sorry.

So, what did it give me for the week? Well, since my rubbish toe was effectively preventing me from doing anything leg-related, it was my poor arms that were to bear the brunt. Here’s what the Coach coughed up and hawked in my direction.

Day one: Poseidon

Day two: 100 straight leg levers

Day three: 2x Poseidon, 50 pull ups, and then another 50 bloody pull ups

Day four: 50 push ups, 50 pull ups, 10 push ups, 10 push ups, 10 pull ups, 10 pull ups

So… Er… Doesn’t seem like a lot, does it? To be honest, it felt a little bit like a waste of a week of the Coach. There were some high points – I managed to get a star on Poseidon for the first time ever (7.12, PB*) but other than that? Set a PB on 50 push ups (3.12, PB*). And, well, that’s about it. There’s not really a lot else I can say about it. Going in to do a workout that consists solely of 100 leg levers feels like a cop out. To be honest, the only day where I felt as if I’d actually expended some serious effort was day three with the back-to-back Poseidon workouts.

I suppose the best way I can summarise it is to say that in week 13 of the Coach, my total workout time was less than 40 minutes. As I write this, I’m on day two of week 14, and I’ve already spent over 58 minutes working out. Admittedly, it is a hell week. (A PROPER hell week, as well. Not like the namely-pamby version I had last year.) My toe still hurts a bit but I’m managing it. Which makes me think I probably could have managed it last week as well. But there we are: a lesson learned.

On balance, I’d say that a week of training with limitations is better than not training at all. But for me, it wasn’t very satisfying. There is an obvious point that I haven’t made, which is that I could have easily supplemented what the coach gave me with some extra workouts of my own. But I wanted to get a clear idea of what sort of week it was likely to give me and then judge the effects.

Ah yes, the effects. I don’t really talk much about the changes to my body. For me, the whole ‘body transformation’ aspect of Freeletics is secondary to just getting stronger and fitter. But then I would say that, because I am still a fat bastard. Well, not fat exactly. But my stomach is still… There. However, if you were to judge me purely from the waist up, then I’d be very pleased. Arms, shoulders and chest are all now showing significant and noticeable improvement. But there’s no two ways about it: I need to address my core.

With that in mind, this week I have started with the Nutrition Guide. First impressions are good, but I haven’t actually attempted to make any of the recipes yet. I was slightly irritated by the fact that the blurb states that the recipes are all quick and easy to make, and then immediately get sent one that takes 80 minutes to make. And it was for lunch! Do know anyone that has 80 minutes to spare making lunch? I don’t. Well, nobody in work anyway. But there’s some good stuff on there, and I’ll start incorporating it into the blog over the coming weeks. I’ll probably put some of my favourite recipes up here, but I’m not going to post them all for the same reason that I don’t specify the details of every single workout. It’s just a bit of a crappy thing to do when these guys are trying to run a business!

Okay you bunch of bad gits, that’s all from me this week. As I said earlier, I’m in day 2 of a full 7 day hell week, and it’s about as much fun as having my bollocks stuck in a mangle. Which is a mental image I would like to leave you with until next time.