Freeletics week 4: stepping it up (a bit)

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It’s difficult to believe that I’ve been ‘back’ doing Freeletics for four weeks already, but I have. It was always my plan to try and ease myself back into things without going crazy, if indeed it’s possible to ‘ease yourself back into’ Freeletics. There’s very little that feels relaxed about doing Aphrodite first thing on a Monday morning. Anyway, I was feeling reasonably good, so the idea was to complete four workouts and two runs in week 4. And that’s what I did, although I ended the week with a couple of max routines as opposed to full workouts. On some levels that seems like a bit of a cop out, but my previous routine (as dictated by the Coach) was peppered with various max workouts so they’re obviously worth doing. Here it is then:

Monday: Aphrodite – 28:35 (star and PB)

Tuesday: Run – 3.5 miles at 7:29/mile pace

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Metis – 6:41 (star) and Poseidon – 5:43 (star and PB)

Friday: Uranos – 26:14 (PB)

Saturday: Run – 3.5 miles at 7:49/mile pace

Sunday: Situp Max – 126 (star and PB) and Squat Max – 133 (star)

Phew. Seems like quite a lot when you write it all down. First things first, I was WELL pleased to dip under 29 minutes for Aphrodite and get a new PB. But again, some perspective. The current leader for this workout is someone called Alexander Villena in a time of 13:27. I don’t actually know how that’s possible. It’s fucking crazy. My long term aim is to one day get to about 20 minutes. Is that possible? It certainly should be. Cumulatively, I’ve only really been doing Freeletics for 15 weeks. That’s three weeks on the free routines, 8 on the Coach, a big break for injury and then four since my ‘comeback’. In that time, I’ve come from over 50 minutes for the first time I did Aphrodite, to under 29. That’s a pretty decent improvement. I’m also pleased to note that in a previous post where I talked about doing it for the first time, I said I’d be really happy if I ever got it down to 35 minutes. SO HOORAY FOR ME.

Uranos was fun. Fucking hell, I think I’d only done this once before. It’s actually a really good workout, and one I think I’ll do more frequently. I changed my route for the initial 2K run this time, so it started with a little uphill climb. Nothing too heavy, but still more than enough to get the blood pumping. I didn’t go too quickly (considering it was only 2K), about 6.30min/mile pace. But doing 50 burpees after that is no joke. Nor were the pushups.

A quick word on pushups. During Uranos, I did about the first 30 in the correct way, then switched to the modified version. Thing is, I could have done them correctly but I wanted to beat my best time for Uranos. I appreciate that this was obviously my decision, but I feel a bit like this is where Freeletics gets a bit confused. I ended up beating my time, which is great. But at the same time, I’d have been better off doing all the reps correctly. Basically, I need to state doing them all properly and just accept that my times are going to go down the toilet.

What else? The runs were okay, nothing special. I was tired for some reason on Saturday, so although I started off quite quickly, I found myself running out of steam a couple of miles in and eased off. When I’d finished, I had some pain in my hip. BRILLIANT. Cue a night of lying in bed worrying about whether I’d hurt myself. Good news: it appears than no lasting damage has been done. I finished off yesterday with situp and squat maxes. I think I’m going to do at least one squat max every week – my legs need some work. Situp max was good. My six pack must be quite impressive. I wouldn’t know as it’s still covered by an even more impressive layer of fat.

All in all, no complaints. Four weeks in and I’m doing pretty well. I’ve got to say that the approach I’ve taken in coming up with my own schedule makes it much easier to manage and little aches and pains. I think the coach was too restrictive for me; I was unwilling to deviate from it at all, whereas now I can please myself. Something to bear in mind if, like me, you’re making that difficult transition from normal young human being to impossibly old fart.

I was really sad to hear about the death of Mick Burt over the weekend. He played drums (brilliantly) with Chas & Dave from the mid-70s right up until a few years ago. Here he is with the boys in 1982, proving once again that if the drummer is tight, the whole sound is tight. Give it some stick, Mick.