I’m back and looking like shit

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Yes, I know. I said there would be a redesign of the site. And if anything, what I’ve cobbled together here in about ten minutes looks worse than what was here before. But I just haven’t got the time to sit down and play with it (not that) at the moment. So you’re just going to have to bloody lump it. Right? Right.

It turned out that the security weakness was due to a plugin that I didn’t even realise I had installed. There you go. Anyway, aside from still fending off thousands of spam comments, everything is more or less working as before.

My last logged workout week was (I think) week 9, so without further ado let’s go over weeks 10 and 11. In fact, let’s not. I’ll just give you the highlights instead. And the highlight of week 10 was undoubtedly Gaia, which I have no idea how I should pronounce. Guy-er? Gay-er? Gay-eye-er? No idea. Anyway, I was looking to do a workout that I hadn’t done before. There are only so many times you can do Aphrodite before you start to question whether you are in fact wasting your limited time on earth. So I picked Gaia out, and here’s what it consists of:

40 Jumping Jacks – 30 High Jumps – 20 Climbers – 10 Stand-Ups. Jam that lot up your arse and do it ten times.

After I decided to do it, I immediately read some stuff about it being a seriously hard workout. But to be honest, I didn’t find it particularly taxing. The stand-ups were new, and I did them without using my hands. It was a good session that I finished in just over 30 minutes, but there was none of that sense of having really pushed hard despite the fact that I couldn’t have gone a lot quicker.

Having basically told you that Aphrodite is slowly driving me insane, you will doubtless be unsurprised to learn that it was the absolute highlight of week 11. I clocked it at 26:42, which was a new PB by over a minute. And I still felt like I had a little bit in reserve. I probably try to pace myself a bit too much with Aphrodite, and it usually follows the same pattern: start quick, slow down in the second and third rounds, then speed back up when I realise there’s only 30 reps to go. But whatever, it’s great to get under 27 minutes, and a sub-26 routine is next on the agenda.

There’s not much else of interest to tell you. I’m just about managing to get four workouts in every week, and my weight dipped under 12 stone 9 pounds for the first time the other day. I’m still really pleased with how it’s going, but am so busy with work and family life that it’s pretty much all I can do just to keep going and occasionally get something up on here. I suspect it might be like this for a little while, but I’m hoping to get some time to really put some effort into a site redesign over the Christmas holiday.

My aim at the moment is basically just to not stop. I’m going to try and keep Freeletics going over the winter, with a view to starting again with the coach in spring. There’s no doubt that keeping the commitment going is harder when the weather is bad. I’ve noticed that the site is getting fewer hits as well, wonder if it’s connected? It’s hard to think about exercise when all you want to do is sit in front of a nice fire with bottle of wine. It’s not just me, is it?