Injury update – it’s not good

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It’s now almost two weeks since I was last able to do a Freeletics workout, and to say I’m pissed off about it would be an understatement. It’s a difficult situation. Well, it isn’t. It’s a very simple situation. But it’s made difficult by my constant fretting that all my good work so far is slowly coming undone and by the also constant temptation to just do a workout but no doubt bugger myself up even more. So, what’s the problem?

My pectoral strain is getting better, slowly. I’d say it’s 30-40% better than it was at the worst point, but I still can’t really do anything with it. Every day I’ve done an experimental burpee; every day it has hurt. As stupid as I am, even I’m not daft enough to attempt 150 of the fuckers in my present state. But… It’s important to reiterate (if only for my own sanity) that it IS getting better. It’s hard to be patient though.

Also, I have another problem. Over the past four or five weeks, I’ve started feeling a slight twinge in my right side. Not particularly painful, but persistent. I could go for a couple of days without feeling it, then wake up one morning and have for the rest of the day. This has gone on for a while. Anyway, I’m going on holiday tomorrow and decided to bite the bullet and go see the doctor. I literally cannot remember the last time I went to the doctor for myself, and that’s not because I’m afraid of it or I’ve got some macho bullshit thing going on. I just don’t get ill very often.

Anyway, once I’d got over that thing of realising that now I’m (almost) 40, a lot of doctors are going to be younger than me, he checked me out and gave me his diagnosis. I have a mild hernia. We had a good chat about Freeletics, and he was quick to point out that the problem was unlikely to have been caused by Freeletics directly. More likely the problem was already there, and the workouts simply sped up the process.

So what now? He told me not to stop exercising, but to avoid all abdominal workouts until I was completely clear of the feeling in my side. Now, given that my pectoral is still bugging me, that doesn’t leave me a hell of a lot to play with. Watch the Freeletics tuition videos – almost every one talks about keeping your core tight, something that I’m going to struggle with. Pretty much the only thing I can do that doesn’t seem to make things worse is underhand pull-ups. So I’ve been doing a lot of them!

Tomorrow I have to drive eight hours down into France. I’m not worried about that, but I am concerned about what’s going to happen with my Freeletics workouts. But it’s not like I have any choice. My plan is to try and do some gentle jogging every day, mate 4-5 miles, nothing too strenuous. I remember reading that they give you 17 weeks to complete the 15 week coach and I’m at that limit already (or will be in a couple of days). I’ve written the help team to see if I can get an extension on the coach, but I don’t know. I’ve got to keep thinking long term, that this is something I’m going to be doing for years to come. This is just a little early setback.

Fucking sucks though.

But there is some perspective required here. I’m going to spend two weeks with my wife and kids in a beautiful farmhouse in Brittany. So, you know… There’s that.

Internet connection is a bit sketchy where we’re staying, but I’ll try and post something if I can. It’s taken three years, but this blog that nobody reads has finally become a blog that SOME people read. I’m really grateful for that. So I wanted to put this up because


Hopefully I’ll put something up in a week or so but for now, enjoy your Freeletics workouts! I am in no way jealous, you utter BASTARDS.

I’ll leave you with this – the very first thing that came into my mind when my doctor said the word ‘hernia’. Au revoir!