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And, we’re back.

Phew. Sorry about that. It took a bit longer than I’d thought it would. Anyway, welcome. I’ve sort of done the site myself a bit, and it isn’t finished. But I was so desperate to get it rolling again that I figured it’s better to just get it up, and I can fiddle about with it at my leisure. That sentence wasn’t meant to sound rude.

So, my last post was alerting people to the fact that there was a 30% discount on the Freeletics Coach App. It’s still running, so you can go to and use the discount code NOEXCUSES. If you read my post, you’ll already know that I did just that, and got 12 months for the princely sum of £44, which is €56 if you’re into quoting monetary figures in Euros. It’s a bargain.

My plan from this point is to keep blogging every week about my Freeletics experience, plus any running and other assorted bollocks that might come to mind. But I’ve got two weeks worth of Coach App information to give you right now, so I’m not going to mess about.

I was naturally curious to see what the app would spit out when I restarted the Coach. To be honest, although it was referred to everywhere as ‘restarting’, I assumed that it would basically take me back to the beginning and I’d have to do it all over again. Incorrect. It picked up from week 10, which is where I was when I stopped. Obviously. However, rather than carry on with the same routine, I was asked to perform a series of max routines in order to assess my ability. They were split into burpees, sit-ups and push-ups, but like an idiot I didn’t actually write down the results. Whatever; once done, I could fire it up. All that remained was for me to select how many days I wanted to do workouts on. The app recommends four as being the optimum between exercise and rest, so that’s what I chose. Here’s what I got on my official return to ‘proper’ Freeletics.

Day one: 2 x Metis

Day two: Venus

Day three: 6/10 Gaia (Strength)

Day four: Venus

JESUS CHRIST! So much for a nice gentle welcome back. Thanks a bloody lot, Coach.

I’ve done Metis back to back before, but with the crucial addition of a nice little break in the middle to get my breath back. Not so with this one. I like Metis, the hard thing about it is how to pace yourself. It’s a bit of a sprint, and obviously doing it twice is bloody hard. I got through it in 15.03*, which given that my PB for the single version is 5.47*, should give you an idea of how hard it is.

Venus is a strength workout consisting of four rounds of the following: 50 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and 50 squats. It’s hard. I was slow, mainly because I have promised myself I’m never doing another push-up off my knees EVER AGAIN EVER. Which is why it took me 36.57* with a lot of grunting.

Gaia. Gaia, Gaia, Gaia. Bastard bloody Gaia. Done it before. Thought it was pretty easy. Turns out I was doing the old version. They’ve made it a bit harder. The BASTARDS. I was only (only!) doing six rounds out of ten, so I had six times this: 40 Jumping Jacks, 30 high jumps, 20 froggers and 10 standup jumps. Froggers, I hate. I can’t do them properly, because I’m so bloody inflexible that I can’t get my feet up far enough. So I do them as best I can. Standup jumps! Lie flat on your back, stand up and jump. Sounds easy, really really REALLY ISN’T EASY. This is the toughest workout I’ve ever done. I now live in fear of Gaia. 27.10, if you’re interested.

And then Venus again. Improved to 33.29*, so I was pretty pleased with that.

At the end of your Coach week, you are asked to rate the experience in terms of difficulty. You get three options: far too easy, hard but okay, or far too hard. You also get the option of adding any muscular restrictions you might have, which I guess is so you can avoid making it worse with certain workouts. I rated week 10 as hard but okay, had no restrictions and here’s what week 11 had in store.

Day one: 50 burpees, 100 straight leg-levers, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, Dione

Day two: 2 x Ares

Day three: Hades

Day four: Kentauros (which I swapped out for Aphrodite – see below)

Alright, bloody hell. At this point I was starting to get slightly irked with things. I felt like I was really being chucked in at the deep end, as though what the Coach was giving me did not reflect the fact that it had been months since I’d last used it. But I needed to remember the fact that I’d completed the previous week, and that I would almost certainly complete this one. I suppose you’ve got to trust it. So I did. Here’s what happened.

I won’t bore you with all the results on day one, but I knocked off Dione in 40.01. Now technically (and according to the app), my PB for Dione is 38.01, but I know I was cheating on the squats. So I made sure to do them properly this time, which is why my PB is listed here as 40.01. No star, but only because I cannot physically do straight leg-levers properly. They are bent leg-levers. So be it.

Another back-to-back workout on day two. Doing Ares twice was tough (obviously), but I managed it in 17.55 for a PB.

Hades! It’s been a while. And I remembered why. When I was free training (ie. not following the Coach), I avoided it. Because it is HORRIBLE. It all came flooding back to me. Still can’t do pull-ups with a star, but I at least managed to do some properly. Pleased to get a PB of 24.34.

Okay, so that brings us to Kentauros. You might remember that I did this one back in the summer; I certainly do. It must have looked hilarious. It didn’t feel hilarious. Anyway, the problem I’ve got with Kentauros is that I don’t have anywhere to do it when it’s wet. Yes Mr Freeletics, I know… No excuses… But frankly, I wasn’t getting covered in shit and soaked to the skin. Plus I had my son with me, so I really needed to stay in the house. So I decided to do Aphrodite instead, and to give it a shot and getting a new PB. And, to use the vernacular of the day, I smashed it. 25.16*, which is over a minute quicker than I’d done previously. Next target is obviously to get under 25 minutes.

So, there you have it. Thanks for being patient. The coming weeks will see more changes to the site, it’s nowhere near finished. But hopefully you can bear with me while I get it sorted out.

If you’re using the Freeletics app, please look me up and follow. You can find my profile here:

That’s not me in the picture. Obviously.

Thanks for reading. As tradition dictates, here is a video of some music that is rather nice and helps keep my mind off the fact that I am a sweating, heaving bag of bollocks whilst working out. See you next week.